Welcome to the Cornell School Library

Hi readers! The library is a place for exploring, searching and growing. Our library is a welcoming, supportive space for all students. Each class visits the library weekly – see this year’s library schedule below. Please support each other remembering to bring your library books each week.  The library is often open for 1st-5th grade students during recess and lunch times.
Are you looking for a new book to read aloud as a family? Check out Cornell Library's online catalog and the reading recommendations & resources page.
If you are interested in volunteering for an hour a week, (shelving books and helping circulate them), please email the [email protected], with days and times you are available. Stay tuned for updates regarding our annual Book Fair, author visits and the end of the year Book Exchange. 
We circulate over 23,000 books per year!
2022-23 Library Schedule

Kindergarten library days:

Ms. Scheepers – Friday

Ms. Joanie – Friday

Ms. April – Tuesday

Ms. Johnson – Tuesday


1st grade library days:

Ms. Sophia/Mr. Mark – Tuesday

Ms. Ali – Tuesday

Teacher Yoonjoo – Tuesday

Ms. Ellen – Tuesday


2nd grade library days:

Ms. Kuwata/Ms. Ruby – Tuesday

Ms. D – Wednesday

Ms. Feuerstraeter – Thursday

Ms. B – Thursday


3rd grade library days:

Ms. Child – Monday

Ms. Sara – Tuesday

Ms. Kohn – Friday

Ms. Zmich – Friday


4th grade library days:

Ms. Leana – Wednesday

Ms. Finley – Wednesday

Ms. Bruns – Wednesday

Ms. Flaherty – Wednesday


5th grade library days:

Ms. Wiley/Ms. Pletcher – Monday

Ms. Hughes – Tuesday

Ms. Shepard – Tuesday


Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. 
—Frederick Douglass