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All About Cornell—F.A.Q.

ATTENDANCE LINE 510-558-3701 You child’s attendance is very important. If your child is absent, please call our attendance line before 10:00am OR email [email protected] . Make sure to tell us: 1) Your name, 2) your child’s full name, 3) teacher name, and 4) reason for absence. 



Office Hours: 8:15am – 3:30pm Phone: (510) 558-3700

Email: Sui-Ling ([email protected]), Margaret ([email protected]), or Nikki ([email protected])  

IF YOUR CHILD IS LATE, please do NOT send them straight to class. Please ask them to stop in the office for a tardy slip. A staff member will accompany them to their classroom if necessary. 


IF YOU HAVE ITEMS TO DROP OFF (e.g. forgotten lunch or musical instruments), please take these to the office and staff will deliver them. Please also visit the office during school hours or after school if you have any questions/concerns or would like to speak to a staff member. 


TRAFFIC & PARKING Parking is always extremely limited on both Talbot and Cornell Avenues.  We encourage all families to walk, roll, or carpool to school.  If driving to school is necessary, please plan your morning so you can park legally at a distance from the gates. In addition, please be very mindful of our neighbors by NOT parking in their driveways or making unsafe driving maneuvers. Also, please do not use the alleyway between Talbot and Cornell for pick up and drop off - it is reserved for AUSD and Cornell staff. 


CELL PHONES & SMART WATCHES Students are not allowed to use cell phones or smart watches during the school day.  If students need to call parents, they are welcome to use the classroom and/or office telephones with staff permission. Cell phones and smart watches must be kept in backpacks during school hours.


LOST AND FOUND CLOTHING will be placed on a rolling rack outside the MPR between 1:55pm and 3:15pm, daily. Please check this when picking up your child. Clothing is periodically donated if not claimed. 


HEALTH FORMS FOR KINDERGARTEN FAMILIES Kindergartners need to have the Physical Exam form (CDHP form) and the Oral Health form completed by their doctor/dentist and on file in the school office before the start of first grade. Please submit electronically to Margaret at [email protected]


VOLUNTEERING AT SCHOOL The district requires any parents interested in volunteering/chaperoning to complete the Volunteer II paperwork and submit proof of COVID vaccination. Visit the volunteer webpage to complete the form or email Margaret ([email protected]) for more details.


FIELD TRIP VOLUNTEERS All parent drivers must keep updated DMV driving records on file, each year, so that you will be able and ready to drive for school trips.

   There are two ways to get your DMV record -

  1. Make an appointment and go into a DMV branch
  2. Mail Form INF 1125 to the DMV with payment