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Independent Study

Family trips should be arranged during summer and other school breaks as extended absences affect a student’s academic progress and grades. Alternative assignments while on trips do not fully take the place of daily attendance and participation in class.
Independent study can only be arranged for absences of five days (with a maximum of 20) or more. They cannot be granted during the last two weeks of the year. Independent Study can only be granted once per semester. Independent study allows for the absence to be excused and the school receives funding for each day of the Independent Study.
If an extended absence (5-20 days) is unavoidable, the Parent/Guardian must:
  1. Ask their child’s teacher for an Independent Study packet at least ten school days before the intended trip.
  2. If the Teacher agrees, the Parent must then request an Independent Study Contract from the Main Office.
  3. This form is to be signed by the Student, Parent, and Teacher, and be approved by the Principal.
  4. The Independent study Packet must be completed over the dates of the absence and handed to the teacher on the day the student returns to school.