A Message from the Albany African American/Black Parent Engagement Committee

We know that racism and discrimination exist in this country. As parents we try to teach and prepare our children to deal with these challenges. It is our expectation that school is a safe haven where our children will learn and grow in a safe and inclusive environment. We would like to believe this hateful act is not indicative of the Albany community, but nevertheless we are left with feelings of uncertainty and restlessness when things like this occur and question the world and the community we live in. It is very disheartening when our children are forced to deal with racism, bigotry and discrimination at school and it will not be tolerated. It is our hope that this incident will be dealt with by not just punitive action for the perpetrators, but with systemic action by AUSD to un-teach this type of behavior that has existed for far too long. We must work together to stop hate and racism in our schools and community. It is our hope that we will learn from this experience and grow together as a community.

Over the past few days the students at AHS have displayed tremendous amounts of support for their peers that were targets of this racist act. We also stand in support and solidarity with the students, teachers, administrators and staff against such actions and acts of discrimination, hate and inequity.

African-American/Black Engagement Committee Members

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