AUSD Wins Keeping America Beautiful - National Recycle Bowl Winners! (click for info)

Albany Unified School District, with the cooperation from the City of Albany,, and most recently the help from Commercial Industrial Waste Applications, Inc (CIWA), were announced as National District Division Winners! The Albany Children's Center was also announced National Food Scrap Collection Champions, and Cornell Elementary School was named a national school division winner! All of our staff and students have been doing so well this year that all six of our sites swept the California school rankings! There are other recycling competitions CIWA is applying for us in the near future so we receive the recognition (and prize money :) ) we deserve for all the great work throughout the District.

Also, the Keep California Recycling Challenge is coming up in March, and with stats as good as ours, we can win up to $12,000. We will also be exploring other cash award opportunities by entering a CSBA competition.

See the link below for more details.