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Red Panda Acrobat Assembly

Rainbow Spirit Day

Red Panda Acrobat Assembly

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AUSD Board Mtg.
Date: 2/28/2017, 7 PM 10 PM
Spring Parent Conferences (shortened day schedule)
Date: 3/7/2017
Spring Parent Conferences (shortened day schedule)
Date: 3/8/2017
Community Time
Date: 3/8/2017, 8:30 AM 9 AM
Cornell Tour
Date: 3/8/2017, 9 AM 9:45 AM

Principal's Message

HAPPY SUMMER                                                                                  August 2016

Welcome Back Cornell Families!

I love summer and hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful break since June. I can't wait to see everyone back, especially your children as we welcome them back to school, coming up soon. It is time to start thinking about 2016-17 and some important upcoming dates and events. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact our office or send an email so that we can help you. Our office will open on Tuesday, August 23 and I will be available for email starting on August 8.


•   Cornell Office Opens: Tuesday, August 23

•   Cornell Meet & Greet: Friday, August 26: 5:00pm-7:00pm. New and returning families, come out and mingle with other Cornell families, and find out about what's in store for 2016-2017. We’ll have tech support for the Aeries portal and you can get a great head start on the year. See the Meet & Greet handout attached from our PTA.

•   Kindergarten Orientation: Friday, August 26, 11:00-11:45am. Brief visit for parents and kindergarteners to meet their teacher and see their rooms.

•   First Day!: Monday, August 29

•   PTA Welcome Coffee: Monday, August 29, Join parents in the MPR at 8:30am to bring in the new year.

•   Early/Late Bird Begins: Tuesday, September 6,  All K-3 students attend early bird schedule August 29-September 2.

•   NO SCHOOL: Monday, September 5.

•   PTA General Meeting: Thursday, September 8, 6:00pm (5:45 pizza!) Come join us for the first meeting of the year. We look forward to seeing a huge crowd.

•   Back-to-School Night: Thursday, September 15.

•   PTA Ice Cream Social: Friday, September 16, 5:30-7:00pm.

•   FREE Fingerprinting for Volunteers: Tuesday, September 13, 8:15-10:00am.

Please check our school website for more calendar items and school events. The website is continually updated


Attached is a tip sheet for the annual Aeries data information update. You can also find it on our website. Aeries Portal Data Update is open now and is required every year for each child.  Class Assignments will be viewable on or after Friday, August 26th at 7am to all parents that have completed the data update process in Aeries. For those unable to troubleshoot any online challenges, please be sure to contact the district office now, or our office, which will open on Tuesday, 8/23, so we can assist you.


•   Parent Handbook: Please review the Cornell School Parent Handbook on our website. Just search for ‘handbook’ in the search box.

•   Driving Volunteers: We need all parents to keep updated DMV driving records on file, each year, at Cornell so that you will be able and ready to drive for school trips.

There are two ways to get your DMV record -

1. Make an appointment and go into a DMV branch

2. Mail Form INF 1125 to the DMV with payment (it’s an easy download on Google).

•   Communication (e-Pinkie and e-Tree): Be sure you keep your emails updated with school so that you will receive these. Friday e-Pinkie comes home from school with important information and there is NO need to sign up. You will receive at all emails given through Aeries Portal. Also, PTA sends communication via e-Tree. We recommend you sign up by on our school website. Look on the homepage on left, under QUICKLINKS/e-Tree (PTA sign-up).

•   Scooter Safety: We have purchased and installed scooter racks so that students riding them to school may securely lock scooters outside and on-campus during school hours. We will no longer be providing storage for scooters in classrooms. If your child rides one to school, please prepare to buy a lock and teach your child how to lock and secure his/her scooter on the rack (located beside portables by our garden).

Allergy Awareness: As in past years, we have a high number of students with various food and other allergies, some which may be life-threatening. It is imperative that our community be more aware of these needs. The most significant that we currently support are nut and dairy. While some areas on campus are designated as ‘nut free zones’ we cannot protect all areas of school. I am asking that the entire school community help in supporting a safe environment by cooperating in ways I’m sharing below. Over recent years, it has been my experience that the severity is increasing and our awareness needs to increase along with partnership in support of these needs. Please talk with your children before school begins and don’t hesitate to reach out to me on any questions you may have. Thank you for your collaboration on this.

1.    Children should NEVER share food. Please remind them of this throughout the year.

2.    Regular hand washing will be promoted on campus.

3.    Please avoid sending snack-time food with nuts as monitoring where these foods are eaten on campus is much more difficult then when children eat their lunchtime foods, encouraging the risk of an emergency on campus. And, do not send any class event/celebration food with nuts.

4.    Make yourself aware of children in your child’s class with severe allergies. Teachers do share this information with families.

5.    Make your own child aware of these sensitive needs in a neutral and developmentally appropriate way.


Thank you in advance for all that you will do this year to support your child and our school. See you all soon, and enjoy these last days of summer!



Mrs. Duncan

Cornell Principal                     
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